Should I do abs before or after my main workout if I want visible six-pack abs?

When aiming for visible six-pack abs, the order of your exercises can make a difference in the effectiveness of your workouts. The answer to whether you should work on your abs before or after your main workout largely depends on your primary objectives and the intensity of the exercises you’re doing.

Your core, which includes your abs, is crucial for stabilizing your body during most exercises. If you exhaust these muscles before heavy lifting or other intensive workouts, you risk compromising your form and possibly inviting injury. For instance, if you’re planning on doing squats, deadlifts, or any compound movements that require a significant amount of core engagement, it’s best to save your dedicated ab exercises for the end of your workout. This ensures you have the necessary core stability to safely and effectively execute those moves.

On the other hand, if your primary objective for the day is to target and prioritize your abdominal muscles, doing them at the beginning, when you’re freshest, can be beneficial. This way, you’re able to exert maximum effort and focus on the intricacies of your ab exercises without being fatigued from your main workout.

However, for most individuals who are trying to achieve visible six-pack abs, the key doesn’t only lie in the sequence of exercises but also in reducing body fat percentage. Your abdominal muscles may be strong and well-defined, but they might be hidden under a layer of fat. Hence, incorporating cardiovascular exercises and maintaining a well-balanced diet to achieve a caloric deficit will be instrumental in revealing those abs.

If your main workout involves heavy or compound movements, it’s best to save the abs for after to maintain core stability. Otherwise, if you’re focusing on your abs for that session, feel free to start with them. And remember, achieving visible six-pack abs requires not just targeted exercise, but also an overall body fat reduction strategy.

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