Is 40 push-ups in a row good?

Achieving 40 push-ups in a row is a commendable accomplishment, indicative of a strong upper body and core strength. For many, reaching this number in a continuous set requires consistent training and can be seen as a sign of above-average fitness, especially when the push-ups are executed with proper form.

When we talk about push-ups, we’re discussing a compound exercise that targets multiple muscles. This includes the chest (pectoralis major), the shoulders (anterior deltoids), triceps, and the core muscles, among others. Therefore, the ability to do 40 push-ups in succession not only signifies strength in these muscle groups but also showcases muscular endurance.

However, it’s essential to keep context in mind. What’s considered “good” can be subjective and varies based on one’s age, gender, fitness level, and individual goals. For example, if we were to look at fitness benchmarks for different populations, 40 push-ups in a row would be well above average for most age groups. Still, for an elite athlete or someone training for specific competitions, they might have higher benchmarks.

Moreover, while achieving 40 consecutive push-ups is a sign of upper body strength, it’s crucial to balance your workouts. A comprehensive fitness regimen should include exercises for all major muscle groups, cardio exercises, flexibility, and balance training. In the context of achieving visible six-pack abs, core-specific exercises, dietary adjustments, and cardio to reduce body fat percentage are vital. While push-ups do engage the core, they won’t solely lead to visible abs.

Yes, 40 push-ups in a row is good and showcases an admirable level of upper body and core strength. But remember to keep your broader fitness goals in mind and integrate a variety of exercises to achieve a well-rounded physique.

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