How rare are eight pack abs?

Eight pack abs are less common than the more traditionally desired six pack abs. The primary reason for this is a combination of genetics and specific body fat percentage. Let’s delve into it.

All of us have abdominal muscles underneath the layers of fat in our midsection. The top six abdominal muscles are what usually become visible when someone reduces their body fat and strengthens these muscles. These are commonly referred to as the six pack abs. The bottom two, which are sometimes called the “eight pack”, are situated below this six pack and are naturally less pronounced. They are also partially hidden by what’s known as the tendinous inscriptions, which are the connective tissues that give the abs their segmented appearance.

The visibility of these lower abs depends greatly on genetics. Some people have more distinct tendinous inscriptions than others, making it easier for them to potentially show an eight pack. Others might never be able to show these lower abs distinctly, regardless of their efforts.

Beyond genetics, achieving an eight pack requires one to have an extremely low body fat percentage, often lower than what’s required to show a six pack. For men, this typically means reaching a body fat percentage below 6%, while for women it’s typically below 16%. Attaining and maintaining such low body fat levels is challenging and can be unhealthy if not done properly. It demands a very strict diet, consistent training, and usually requires managing even the smallest details of one’s lifestyle, such as sleep, stress, and water intake.

While most dedicated individuals can achieve a visible six pack with the right training and diet, displaying an eight pack is rarer and largely dependent on one’s genetics and an even stricter lifestyle regimen. It’s important to note that while it can be a mark of extreme fitness dedication, it’s not necessarily a benchmark of overall health or athletic performance.

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