How long do Navy Seals plank?

Navy SEALs, known for their intense physical training and rigorous fitness standards, incorporate various core-strengthening exercises into their routines, and the plank is one of them. The plank is a popular exercise because it effectively targets multiple muscles in the core, improving strength and stability. When you hold a plank, you’re working muscles such as the rectus abdominis, obliques, and erector spinae, which are essential for various physical tasks and maintaining a strong posture.

Regarding the duration for which Navy SEALs plank, it’s not standardized like, say, their swimming or running tests. In training and practice, the time spent in a plank will vary depending on the individual’s strength, endurance, and the specific goals of the training session. However, it’s worth noting that during their Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, or BUD/S, candidates often engage in extended plank sessions as part of their grueling workouts. These sessions can range anywhere from a few minutes to much longer durations. The focus is typically on building core endurance and mental toughness.

For someone aiming to achieve a level of core strength comparable to a Navy SEAL, it’s less about how long they plank and more about consistency, technique, and gradually increasing the duration over time. Instead of aiming for a specific time right away, start with what you can manage, ensuring you maintain proper form. Then, add a few seconds or even minutes to your plank time as your strength and endurance improve. Remember, the goal is not just to achieve a long plank time, but to strengthen the core in a way that benefits overall fitness and functionality.

If you’re working towards visible six-pack abs, incorporating planks can be a beneficial part of your routine. But don’t forget to combine it with other exercises and, importantly, a balanced diet to reduce body fat and reveal those muscles underneath.

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