Can I feel my six-pack abs but not see them?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to feel your six-pack abs but not see them. Here’s why! Your abdominal muscles, commonly known as the rectus abdominis, are present in everyone. These muscles are like any other muscle group in the body and can be strengthened and developed through exercise. When you work on them consistently, they become more pronounced and dense. As a result, when you touch or press on your abdominal region, you might be able to feel the distinct ridges or firmness of these muscles underneath.

However, seeing your abs is a different story. On top of the abdominal muscles lies a layer of subcutaneous fat. This fat layer is natural and varies in thickness from person to person based on factors like genetics, diet, and overall body fat percentage. For the rectus abdominis muscles to be visibly seen as the defined “six-pack” that many aim for, this layer of fat needs to be thin enough to reveal the contours of the underlying muscles.

Even if you have a strong and developed core, if the fat layer on top is relatively thick, it can obscure the appearance of the abs. In essence, your six-pack might be hidden beneath this layer. This is why many fitness professionals often say “abs are made in the kitchen.” By this, they mean that in addition to strengthening exercises, dietary choices play a crucial role in reducing body fat to a level where the abs become visible.

If you’re able to feel your six-pack when you press on your stomach but can’t see them, it likely means you have a layer of fat covering them. Achieving visible abs requires a combination of core strengthening exercises and a diet that promotes fat loss to reduce the layer covering the muscles. Remember, everyone’s body is different, so the journey to visible abs might be unique for each individual.

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