Are there seven pack abs?

Abs, or the rectus abdominis muscle, is the muscle that runs vertically on the front of the abdomen. When people refer to “six pack abs,” they are talking about the segmented appearance of this muscle when body fat levels are low enough. These segments or “packs” are created by tendons that intersect the muscle. The traditional and most common configuration is the six-pack, where three horizontal lines create six abdominal segments.

However, genetics play a significant role in how our muscles are shaped and how these tendons are configured. In some rare cases, people may have an odd number of segments, such as a five-pack or even a seven-pack. But it’s crucial to understand that having a seven-pack is not an indication of greater strength or fitness than someone with a six-pack. It’s just a genetic variation in muscle and tendon structure.

Achieving visible abs, whether they are a six-pack, five-pack, or seven-pack, requires a combination of reducing body fat through a caloric deficit (eating fewer calories than you burn) and strengthening the core muscles. Cardiovascular exercise and strength training, paired with a balanced diet, are essential components. It’s also worth noting that everyone has these muscles, but the visibility depends on the layer of fat covering them. Some people might find it more challenging to achieve visible abs due to their genetics, which can determine fat distribution and muscle structure.

While the six-pack is the standard and most common configuration for the rectus abdominis, seven-pack abs can exist. However, they are a genetic rarity and not a sign of superior fitness. The key is to focus on your fitness journey, striving for a strong, healthy body regardless of how many “packs” you display.

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